Thursday, December 25, 2008

Book Suggestions!

I am in definite need for a new read ... I have already read the books in my library and my sisters. I have attempted to look through my mothers but I end up falling asleep during most of them. I know it is rather pathetic to admit. I need a good entertaining book to read! If you have any suggestions let me know! What is your favorite book? What are you reading right now?

Merry Christmas!

I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back to Normal!

After three months of moving at a slower pace I have finally accelerated back to my normal pace. This week has been great because I have been really busy. I started working out again (I am so so very sick of being out of shape)! I got a job at Nordstroms! I have been helping out with Savior of the World! I have been baby sitting like a mad woman! Every day this week started at around six in the morning and ended at around two in the morning. It is great to be busy again. So I guess the whole point of his is to say that I am back! I am back to me!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Its Chirstmas Time Again

I love Christmas! The delicious smell of Christmas trees, cinnamon, chocolate, and freshly baked treats fill the whole house. Christmas lights paint the town with new sparkly colors. Santa Claus promises to bring toys to all the good little girls and boys. Christmas is such a special time of year. As a child the simple joys of Santa coming and bringing new toys, and plenty of treats was what brought the most joy to me over the holiday season. As I have gotten older I could care less what Santa brings. I have come to appreciate the real meaning of Christmas. I look forward to participating in the simple acts of kindness that brighten up someones day. I look forward to giving gifts rather than receiving them. I look forward to reading the Christmas story and being even more grateful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So this Christmas I plan on serving more. I think that it is the greatest gift I can give.

Monday, November 24, 2008

More Health Problems!

What is my deal? This year has been a non stop health problems!
I had this rash that I noticed a week ago. I thought it was just dry skin or hives but it continued to be there. I went to the doctor today and found out that I have pityriasis rosea! Do not worry it is not contagious it just looks disgusting. I also had a question about my sinus problem and new chesty cough. The doctor informed me that I have chronic sinus problems due to allergies and the cough is just caused by the dripping into my throat. I know it is a lot of information and really gross but it is just my luck this year I guess. Lets just see what other kind of sicknesses I can get this year. haha! I am going to get better though.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My thoughts on the Twilight Movie

I decided not to go to the midnight showing. I went the next evening with my mother. I enjoyed the movie. I thought that there were a lot of pros and cons.
I thought Bella was perfect for the role. She was exactly who I imagined. She was beautiful in a way that every boy noticed but she did not believe. She was smart, uncoordinated, quiet, and kind. She was brave and mature. I was all around impressed with her.

Edward was amazing. Like most I was skeptical to how you could bring this beautiful fantasy to life but they did it. He was charming, kind, and awkward. You could tell he was torn between loving her, ruining his family, and hurting her. I always imagined their love to be awkward with a lot of sexual tension.

The one thing i did not like about their relationship in the movie was the lack of sexual tension and courting. In the book she is obsessed with him and he disapears from time to time in the begining. She was depressed whenever he was gone. They missed the scene filled with the most awkward sexual tension during the movie in biology. I felt like the relationship did not build the same way it was built in the book. He came to her room a lot more in the book. I thought it was strange that there was only one kissing scene.I also thought that they missed a lot of basic courting that was missed.
I think they did a good job with the budget and am already planning to see it again. I know I am pathetic.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cant Wait ... for TWILIGHT!!!!!!

I am so excited for the twilight movie to come out! I loved the books and am excited to see what the movie is going to be like! I am going to the midnight showing and am so stoked! I just cannot wait!

My life is ... pretty great!

It is so easy to look at other people and think that their life is perfect. I have realized a lot lately that nobody's life is perfect. Everyone has problems. I am happy with my life. I have decided that my life may not be perfect but it is perfect right now for me. I have been blessed a lot. I am not going to dwell on things that I do not have. I am going to focus on all the great things that I do have!1

Missing Friends!

You can pass this post if you would like because it is a bit of a pitty party post. I know that coming home was the right thing to do. I can already tell a huge difference in my health. I do not have a sinus infection, or a virus any more. My back does not hurt constantly anymore. I feel rested and relaxed. I have not taken the Soma's in over a week. I have hardly taken any pain relievers as well. I know that I am healing from this injury faster than I would if I was up at school. BUT I miss my friends and family.

I miss my friends from my freshman year. They are so fun and always keep me on my toes. We are always there for each other. We may not hang out as much as we used to because we are all so busy but we are friends for life.

I miss my roommates. They are all so kind, nice, smart, funny, loving, beautiful, spiritual, clean, healthy,and just amazing. I cannot wait to be up there living with them again.

I miss my sister and cousin a lot. I talk to my sister all the time. We are so different but we are best friends. She is so beautiful and kind. I love her and would do anything for her. She is so kind, smart, strong, and everything else. My cousin Ali is one of my favorites. She is so nice and funny. She is great and strong. I love them.

I miss my friends that I spent a lot of this year with. The girls in the apartment across the hall always laugh at me and keep me on my toes. I am excited to get better and see everyone again!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Getting Back in Shape After an Injury

I love working out. It helps me concentrate better, calm down, and most importantly look better. Before my injury I was a bit of a gym rat. I would go to kickboxing, running, cycling, pilates, yoga, weights, and of course dancing. After my accident I have had to rest and not work out! Now I am getting back into a very basic work out routine! I go walking three to four times a week and do some of my previous physical therapy work out routines. Even though this is a lot more mellow than my normal routine I can already tell a difference. I have learned that it does not always matter what you do as long as you work out. Sometimes you have to take it easy because your body needs to heal.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Home and Getting Better!

On Sunday my dad and I woke up at 6:30 in the morning and made the long drive from Utah to Southern California. My Dad drove the entire time since I was drugged up the entire time. When I got home I was greeted by my mothers warm love and affection, and the shock of how much my brother has grown. The next morning I woke up and went to my first doctors appointment of the week. The next day I went to go get x- rays! Then later on the last day I went to the doctors for the third time that week. I have already noticed a difference in my back just from being at home. I have been sleeping, not carrying heavy things, taking prescriptions for my sinus infection and my back. I think that I will be able to come back to school a lot healthier. I am so grateful for my friends and family who have been helping me in my heeling process.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I had a way mellow Halloween! I had plans to party hop and be out all night, but my night ended up being rather relaxing. I started off the night getting ready with my roommates and then ended up going to my great friend Sandy's! Her and her brother made delicious corn chowder and rolls. After devouring a delicious dinner we watched "The Village." We then decided that we wanted to go dancing. We were at the party for no more than fifteen minutes when we decided to go home and relax. It was way fun! I thought my costume was funny and for those who have seen "She's the Man" found it rather funny!

Sandy and I on Halloween!! She is an adorable cat and I am Eunice from "She's the Man"!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

College Semester Dropout

I am very stubborn. I do not like to admit that I am hurt, having a bad day, or anything that would make me appear weak. After my car accident in August I have tried to pretend like I am okay even though I am constantly in pain. I cannot study for more than twenty minutes. I cannot sit in the testing center for more than thirty minutes without wanting to cry. I am constantly hurting and not getting any better. After much deliberation I have decided to go home and get better. I am differing for the rest of the semester and coming home to heal. I am going to come back to sunny california to spend time with the doctor, physical therapy, and whatever other treatments I can do to allow my back to heal. It is the best thing for me to do right now. I am excited to see my family and to get better!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday John!

My little brother John has just turned 14 on Sunday. I am so blessed to have him as my brother. Here are 14 reasons why he deserves the best birthday ever.
1. He has the funniest sense of humor!
2. He is athletic! He surfs, rides his bike, swims, and plays water polo.
3. He is a hard worker!
4. He is responsible!
5. He is kind!
6. He is fun and outgoing!
7. He is spiritual!
8. He is an all around good kid!
9. He is almost an eagle scout already!
10. He is a great cook!
11. He is smart!
12. He is always up for a good time!
13. He is nice to everyone!
14. He is the greatest little brother ever!
Happy Late Birthday John!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tolerance and Standing For Something

If you know me you would know that I am very open minded and the last to judge anyone for anything. I do not care what you did in you past. I do not care what you are doing right now. I do not care what you are planning on doing in the future. I will live my life and you can live yours. I have no place to judge. I have friends of all different backgrounds, and lifestyle choices. I love each and every one of them.
It does make me extremely mad however when people use the word tolerance as a word to describe how you do not believe what I believe. Tolerance to me is being excepting of someones choices and ideas but not necessarily making the same ones. For example I have several homosexual friends. I love them. I hang out with them. As much as I love them and respect them and am here whenever they need me I do not applaud all of their lifestyle choices. I have my own believes as well. I stand true to my believes. Just because I may be voting yes on prop 8 does not make me any less tolerant. If any thing it means I stand for something I believe in. My friends know me well enough to know that I hold true to what I believe instead of swaying with the easiest breeze.
So in simple terms I am tolerant but I stand for something. Do you stand for something? or Do you sway with the easiest breeze?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yes on 8!!

Vote Yes on 8!

Go to

If you are still questioning think about families and children!

If you are still wondering think about separation of Church and State! Marriage is something ordained of God. Prop 8 would change this God given ordinances!

Friday, October 17, 2008


My sister went home this weekend! I am a little envious! I miss home, which is strange because I do not miss things. I am missing my cousins wedding. I miss Trader Joes. I miss Golden Spoon! I miss my family! I miss my best friend! I miss my brother and Disneyland. I just need a little home boost! I guess I will just have to wait till Thanksgiving. See you all then!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Utah's Version of Sprinkles!

I love cupcakes! I love sprinkles! I think dipidees might even be better! The environment is warm and inviting. You walk through the door and smell the fabulous aroma of the cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. There are large cakes spaced around the bakery that appear to be perfect. The cupcakes are big and inviting as they sit under their large glass frame. Your mouth begins to drool as you look at the large selection. The cupcakes are rich, delicious, and creme filled. Your taste buds explode with each bite! Next time you are in Utah you should check it out! It is worth the calories I promise!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Court!!

Yesterday was my sisters birthday. She turned 19!! My sister is so amazing. She is one of the strongest people you will ever meet. She is also so beautiful! Here are nineteen reasons why Courtney deserves the best Birthday ever!
1. She is BEAUTIFUL!
2. She genuinely cares about people!
3. She has fabulous fashion sense!
4. She is hilarious!
5. She is kind!
6. She is confident!
7.She is super strong (she can swim faster than most guys!)!
8. She is competitive!
9.She is always up for a good time!
10. She has an amazing testimony!
11. She is very composed!
12. She is tall and rocks her height!
13. She is loving! 14. She is very smart!
15. She is emotionally strong!
16, She is great at staying in contact with people!
17. She makes awesome chocolate chip cookies! 18. She is happy!
19. she is the best sister anyone could ever ask for!!!! Happy Birthday Court!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Twilight Series!

Like many other girls I have become obsessed with the Twilight Series! Over a two week period this summer I read all four books! I cannot wait for the movie to come out! I love and can relate to the main female character Bella.

I am a little upset that somebody leaked Midnight Sun (Edward's perspective of Twilight) on the Internet. Stephanie Meyer is now not completing the novel.I read the transcript that Stephanie Meyer put on her website. It is actually really interesting. You now can see both sides of the forbidden love story. However, I was sad to see that the book cut off before the meadow scene, and before the fight. There are so many unanswered questions. I guess my imagination will have to make up my own answers.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Crazy Past Couple of Months!

Crazy does not even begin to describe the past couple of months that I have had. After an awesome spring semester (seriously no sarcasm), I made a last minute decision to come home and work at the YMCA. I quickly fell in love with my job and working with kids. I loved being home but missed Provo and my social life. My life became crazy fast when my sister got into an accident at work and broke her neck. I would go to the hospital in the morning and work during the day and then go back to the hospital. She healed quickly. (There are so many amazing miracles that happen everyday and I was blessed to see so many of them). Just when life seemed like it was calming down life threw yet another curve ball. The day before I left for school I was running a last minute errand when I got into a car accident. I got rear ended and realized right away that my back was killing me. I went to the doctor and found out that I tore major muscles in my back. I drove up to school the next day with my mom and was very drugged up. My family was awesome and helped court and I set up our apartments. My parents left me to fend for myself and they went back to California. During the first day of school I got really sick and went to the doctor. I found out that I had a respiratory infection. Another great miracle happened in my life and I healed very fast. I cant believe how crazy the last few months were. I am so blessed.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Best Meal of the Day!

I love treats! Oh my goodness they are the best! Do not get me wrong I love my vegetables, fruits, proteins, whole grains, and dairy products. In my opinion, there is an extra little space on the food pyramid for sweets. I love my cupcakes, and frozen yogurt. I love coming home because I get to indulge in my favorites. There is sprinkles cupcakes (which I have still not had since I have been home), golden spoon, and Cherry on Top. These are all fabulous dessert places. Sometimes I substitute them for a meal. There is only one word to describe these delicious master pieces and it is YUMMY!

Home Sweet Home!!

I have been home (Beautiful Laguna Niguel, CA) for a little over a week. I almost always forget how beautiful it is.It is a blast hanging out with my friends and family. I also have loved going to the beach. The water has been warm. It is so gorgeous this time of year.
I do miss Provo though as sad as that is to admit. I have really great friends there and enjoy living in my own apartment with fun roommates. I miss the mountains, the green trees, the canyon, the dollar movies, my razor scooter and much more. I really miss Mallory, Suzette, and Stephanie. They are so awesome! Provo has definitely grown on me over the past two years.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lost a bet!

The greatest come back in NBA Final history! After the first quarter the Lakers were up by 30 points! When the Lakers were up by 20 points I confidently made a bet with my friend saying that if the the Celtics win I would bake them cookies! Guess what the Lakers lost!!! The Celtics came back to win the game! It was very impressive. The Celtics played very well. The Lakers were a little over confident and did not play as well as they did the first half. I cannot believe the Lakers lost!

Friday, May 30, 2008

A good book!

I recently read a really good book titled "Gifts from the Sea" written by Ann Morrow Lindbergh. It was a quick read and gave me a different perspective on life. I would recommend this book for any woman to read no matter what point of life they are at. The book is a series of essays written by Ann Lindbergh throughout her life. She creates wonderful metaphors comparing life's lessons and items from the beach.

Go Lakers!

Last night was a good game!! The Lakers started off behind and made an impressive come back to win the game against the San Antonio Spurs!! The Lakers are heading to the NBA finals! Woo Hoo!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Change!

After 20 years of being a blonde i decided a change was needed. I was thinking about how expensive the up keep of blonde hair was and decided dye my hair close to its natural color. I am now a brunette!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Path!

I am fully aware of the fact that life never goes exactly as planned. There are unexpected twists an turns throughout life that take you to places that you could not even imagine. We plan out our days, weeks, months, years, and lives but it never works out how we expect it to.
Today I was trying to figure out where life (more specifically school) is going to take me. Last semester I decided to change my major to communication disorders. The plan is then after completing my bachelors degree I would go on to grad school, where I would receive my masters degree in speech pathology. This week however I was thinking I am going to be in school forever. So tonight I sat down at my computer and went on MY MAP (BYU's blueprint for success), and mapped out the classes I would need to take. I realized that if I stayed this spring and summer I could finish my bachelors by Fall 2009.
The great thing about this is that I would be finishing my bachelors degree in a little under four years. I would also be able to start the masters program before I am twenty - two. I hope that this works out. You never know life could always twist an unexpected way.