Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Life Has Moments of Greatness!

My life can be pretty boring. It consists of a lot of work and a little play.I did not get the chance to go home over Winter and Spring so I went home over Mothers day weekend. I spent most of my days at the beach, shopping, and went to an Angels baseball game. I also got to spend Mothers day with my amazing Mom. Unfortunately the trip was short but it was still super fun.

I came back and jumped into my usual social scene up here in Provo. I bought a bike so I could ride around with my friends. I played water balloon dodge ball and a lot more. Last Thursday night a huge group of my friends and I dressed up as angels and demons to go see the movie "Angels and Demons. It was a lot of fun and worth the three hours of sleep I got that night.

That Saturday I took a half day at work and went up to Park City with a friend. We went shopping at the J.Crew Outlet. I love J. Crew. I got an adorable sweater and skirt. After going shopping and lunch in Park City we rushed home to get ready for Heather's Open House. I have been friends with Heather since middle school. She is so cute and married her high school sweet heart Taylor. I love them and wish them the best of luck.