Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Love Liz!

Have you seen the new Liz Claiborne line? It is fabulous. I am slightly obsessed. Check it out. Tell me what you think.

My Marilyn Monroe Moment!

Today is a beautiful today. The sun is shining. The grass is green and the trees have given birth to beautiful blossoms. I decided since today was such a beautiful day that I would wear a skirt. The one downfall today is the wind. It seems to have a mind of its own and enjoy blowing in every which direction. I was walking on campus and the wind enjoyed blowing my skirt in every which direction. I wish I could say I was glamorous and held my skirt down like the iconic Marilyn Monroe. Instead I awkwardly walked around campus holding down my skirt while it still blew up revealing my white legs.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why My Future Career Works For Me ...

Today while watching television and saw an advertisement for "Cash for Gold". A lady in the advertisement had horrible pronunciation. She sounded like a five year old with a speech impediment. Instead of saying the world jewelry she said "jewry". I was shocked. I wanted to jump through the television sit her down and begin proper speech lessons. I wanted to explain that there is an L in jewelry. I also wanted to explain what part of the mouth and tongue you would use to pronounce this sound. I know most of you think this may sound a little extreme, but it has become a growing habit. I listen to peoples verbiage, little children's speech stages and grammar. I cannot wait to be a speech pathologist. This career choice is perfect for me. I will get to work with kids and help free the world of horrible pronunciation.

(Do not worry I am not extremely annoyed by speech problems. I often find myself making grammar, spelling, and even speech errors.)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Coal Turns into a Beautiful Diamond: my new analogy on life

Life is never easy. We all have different struggles in life. We all will struggle with health problems, broken hearts, disappointments, death, stress, economical downfalls and many more. These struggles create pressure in our life and make life a little bit more interesting. Yesterday I was thinking about the hardships that life has in store for all of us and came up with an analogy about coal turning into a diamond. We all start off as coal. This black mess that gives miners black lung. When coal is put under pressure (insert 80's song under pressure) it turns into a diamond. How the coal reacts under the pressure determines what the diamond will be like. If we turn to Heavenly Father and overcome the pressure of life we can turn into the most beautiful diamond ever.