Saturday, June 28, 2008

Best Meal of the Day!

I love treats! Oh my goodness they are the best! Do not get me wrong I love my vegetables, fruits, proteins, whole grains, and dairy products. In my opinion, there is an extra little space on the food pyramid for sweets. I love my cupcakes, and frozen yogurt. I love coming home because I get to indulge in my favorites. There is sprinkles cupcakes (which I have still not had since I have been home), golden spoon, and Cherry on Top. These are all fabulous dessert places. Sometimes I substitute them for a meal. There is only one word to describe these delicious master pieces and it is YUMMY!

Home Sweet Home!!

I have been home (Beautiful Laguna Niguel, CA) for a little over a week. I almost always forget how beautiful it is.It is a blast hanging out with my friends and family. I also have loved going to the beach. The water has been warm. It is so gorgeous this time of year.
I do miss Provo though as sad as that is to admit. I have really great friends there and enjoy living in my own apartment with fun roommates. I miss the mountains, the green trees, the canyon, the dollar movies, my razor scooter and much more. I really miss Mallory, Suzette, and Stephanie. They are so awesome! Provo has definitely grown on me over the past two years.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lost a bet!

The greatest come back in NBA Final history! After the first quarter the Lakers were up by 30 points! When the Lakers were up by 20 points I confidently made a bet with my friend saying that if the the Celtics win I would bake them cookies! Guess what the Lakers lost!!! The Celtics came back to win the game! It was very impressive. The Celtics played very well. The Lakers were a little over confident and did not play as well as they did the first half. I cannot believe the Lakers lost!