Sunday, March 30, 2008


I have been super busy lately!! School is kicking my trash as always!! I have been studying a lot!! I think my life consists of studying, gym, hanging out with KC, reading my scriptures, going to the temple, reading textbooks, and on rare occasions sleeping. I feel like I hardly get to see my friends anymore!! I have been so busy!
My Birthday!!
My birthday was March first and I turned 20!! Yes, I am officially not a teenager!! On my actual birthday I went out to dinner with my family, roommates, and a few close friends. It was a really intimate and fun group of people! The day after my birthday I had a cookie birthday party! Courtney and I made delicious cookies for everyone! We also played rock band! (I am not going to lie ... I am super good at singing maps) It was so much fun! I cannot believe that I am twenty!

Playing with John!
My parents got to go on a well deserved trip to Costa Rica! They sent me home for the weekend to babysit John! It was so much fun to hang out with that little man! I love him! I probably spoil him too much! We went to Sushi, Disneyland, watched movies, and just had a blast! My parents made us super jealous by sending pictures of Costa Rica! They went zip lining, golfing, and laid out! It is so beautiful there! I really want to go!!

The Y!!
KC was making fun of me because I had never hiked the Y! I told him when I came back from California I would hike the Y with him!! We hiked the Y and it was super fun! It was super cold when we got up there! We should have been wearing five pairs of pants and like seven jackets! The view was amazing! It was super fun even though I kicked his trash!! (Who knew that I was in better shape then someone who plays soccer? not me!)
This is KC and I after we hiked the Y!! haha! We both look a little cold!

On Easter my sweet friend Mallory and I decided to cook a delicious dinner! It was super fun! We divided up the dishes and made a yummy Easter Dinner! I made the ham and cheesy potatoes; Mallory made rolls, fruit salad, and a poppy seed salad! It was really fun! We had some of our friends over! It made it seem a little bit more like Easter even though we were not home!
Erin, KC, and Me after Erin's performance!!

On wednesday night KC and I went to the Luau at BYU to watch his sister perform!! It looked like so much fun!! His sister Erin did a great job! She was part of the New Zealand dance and got to use the poi balls! Next year Erin and I are going to do it together and do the tahiti dance and shake our booty!! woo hoo!!