Monday, March 22, 2010

Best Study Treat!

Good Job Mars Company! I love coconut m&ms!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

2010 thus far

So this year has been a whirlwind. I feel like I do not stop. I am excited that this semester is almost over. It will be a very eventful summer but it will be nice to devote my time to weddings, new family members, missions, writing thank you notes, addressing invitations, cake testing and much more. This semester has been fun though.

Monday, January 4, 2010

How Matt Proposed!

Matt told me at the beginning of Christmas break that he wanted to take me out on a nice date. I did not think much of it because he does stuff like this all the time. He told me to get all dressed up and we would first go walk along the beach at sunset and then go out to a nice dinner in Newport. I was excited for this date.

New Years Eve came and I got all dressed up (in a hurry), and we drove down to the balboa peer. We walked around the board walk. I was a brat and tried to convince Matt that I did not want to walk on the beach. I complained that I did not want to take off my shoes walk on the beach get my feet all sandy and then put back on my nice shoes. He finally convinced me that he will brush off my feet and make sure that there was no sand before my shoes went back on my feet (isn't he the best?).

We walked along the beach just as the sun was setting. I was in hyperactive mode. I was talking about cake, I just wanted to walk because I had not worked out that day, and talking about what we were doing that night. I was oblivious to how romantic my adorable boyfriend was being. We stopped and looked at the sunset as he held me close while I continued to ramble about who knows what. My ADD and the fact that I was freezing kicked in and I tried to convince him that it was time to go. He held me tighter in hopes that I would warm up. He said just wait until the sun sets over Catalina and then we can go.

The sun set over Catalina creating the most beautiful red sunset I have ever seen. He then told me softly that he has the most amazing girlfriend ever and that he cannot wait to spend the rest of his life with me. I turned to kiss him thinking I am so cold, the sun has set over Catalina maybe now we can leave. He kissed me and then as I was trying to go. He said you know there is one more thing I have to do. He began to drop down to one knee. As he did so I proclaimed, "You lied to me!" He laughed and proceeded with asking the question I did not think would be asked until February "Will you marry me?" He held in his hand a box with the most beautiful, sparkly ring (it is a rock). I said yes. We then continued to walk back to the car because I was cold (I know I am pathetic).

After we called both of our parents and walked down the Pier we went dinner and the Cannery. We had the most amazing 4 course meal over looking the water on Lido island. It was so cute and romantic. The entire dinner I could not help but smile. I looked down at the ring that fit perfectly on my finger and continued thinking I am marrying my best friend. We ate our dinner and then continued down to my house where we celebrated with my family. We then proceeded back up to Newport where we spent the night with his family.

I am so happy and lucky. He did a great job picking out the ring. He did a great job surprising me. He did a great job with everything.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our background story!

Matt is my best friend. He is the first person I met at BYU. We were friends for all of our freshman year in college. We went on two dates and decided we were better off as friends. After our freshman year Matt went on a mission to Southern Italy. I went to a party at his house before he left and I met his parents. We all got along really well. We wrote a few letters back and forth but we did not think much of it.

After two years he came back home. He invited me to another party at his home in Newport.I realized from the moment I saw him that something had changed. It was different. We mingled with other people but ended up spending the whole night talking. We went on a date that next week and have not stopped talking.

I went back to Utah where I worked all summer. We talked on the phone all day and night. We would go on other dates with other people (that did not last long).I came back home in August for a week or so and we started dating exclusively.

Our dating relationship has been a blast. We have never had a dull moment between the two of us. We have had our share of adventurous and romance. I did not think a guy like him was out there. I did not think there was someone who was smart, kind, funny, loving, spiritual, and so many other great qualities.

Every day he tells me how much he loves me. He tells me how beautiful I am. He makes me want to be the best person I can. I am so excited to spend my life with him.