Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Super Fun Work Weekend!

My job is far from glamours. I typically leave with fifteen new stains on my clothes, greasy hair from the hat I have to wear, and a new bruise from running into something. This past week has been crazy at work. I have already worked thirty some odd hours since Saturday and am planing on working eighteen more (yes that means I would work forty-eight hours this week). These insane hours at work have all been because of this little thing called MPS (Mission Presidents Seminar). All of the new Mission Presidents from around the world travel to the MTC for a week of training. They have training and firesides from the Prophet and Apostles.
On Saturday night the Mission Presidents ate a special dinner with a select group of other Mission Presidents and at least one Apostle in their room. I was invited earlier on in the week to help out with this dinner. I was so excited. I had seen the Apostles in conference but never in such an intimate setting.
I went to work on Saturday and got dressed in my skirt and tuxedo shirt. I helped set up and polished silverware. While I was polishing silverware Elder Perry and his wife stopped and said hello. They were so kind. I then proceeded to set up the room and found out I would be serving Elder Scott and Ballard. They were so nice. They both talked at the end of the dinner to the group of Forty some odd people. They talked about pondering. I think that I need to take time out of my busy schedule and ponder more. I felt to blessed to be in the same room as them. Elder Scott came up at the end and shook our hand and told us Thank you. He was so kind and had a lot of spunk for his age.
After we finished cleaning up we got paid to eat prime rib, shrimp cocktail, and new york cheese cake. All in all I would say I had a great work day. That was one of the neatest experiences I have ever had. It was better than all the celebrities I have worked with. I hope that I can live the kind of life that they have. I hope that I can be that nice, kind, charitable, faithful, loving, and love the Lord like that. It wont hurt to try.


M.C. said...

Hey! I just found your blog (this is Mary Carol by the way-- new last name can make things a little confusing). That sounds like such an awesome experience. I hope everything is going well for you and you are enjoying the summer. Love you cute girl.

Courtney Calkins said...

I know you check this so please update!